DragonWing Games and Inner Circle Return to Violet Dawn!

DragonWing Games and Inner Circle have reached a co-licensing agreement to resurrect the Violet Dawn campaign setting and update it to the more popular game engines (5th Edition, Cypher System, Pathfinder, and Starfinder). The Violet Dawn setting is best known for it’s creature book, Denizens of Avadnu, which received critical acclaim and was even singled out in Monte Cook Presents The Year’s Top d20, Volume 1 in 2005. DragonWing and Inner Circle first intend to develop regional environment books complete with the creatures that live there.

“Denizens of Avadnu was one of the best third party creature books largely due to it’s originality. It was full color and stood out among the others by making the campaign setting feel almost alien. Revisiting some of those creatures and putting them in a specific regional environment will take some of the pressure off GMs knowing that they can reach for a mountainous environment book and find that the included monsters and creatures actually belong there and not just included as a wandering monster. I’m looking forward to this and knowing Jeff for many years, this finally gives us a chance to work together,” said DragonWing President, Steve Creech.

DragonWing Games was formed in 2002 by Steve Creech and produces material designed to provide gamers with the tools they need to enhance their experiences at the gaming table. Their tagline is “Your game, your imagination. We give you the tools.” You can find them at: www.dragonwing.net

“I’m really excited to bring Violet Dawn back to its RPG roots by introducing a new generation to the monstrous beasts of Avadnu. We’ve only shared a small glimpse of our otherwordly setting, and this is the first in a series of announcements where we intend to finally explore the world of Avadnu. I’ve known Steve since back in the early d20 days, and it’ll be great collaborating with him on this project,” said Inner Circle CEO, Jeff Visgaitis. More information will be made available on Inner Circle’s website at: www.icirclegames.com

Inner Circle was founded in 2001 and is focused on developing engaging, story-driven, and visually spectacular products across multiple media. The company earned a reputation for pairing superior production values with high-quality content with its first release, the critically acclaimed Denizens of Avadnu, a pen-and-paper role-playing game book compatible with the world’s most popular fantasy role-playing game. The Inner Circle is currently developing several new media projects centered on Violet Dawn, the company’s dark fantasy IP.

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