denizens of avadnu

Denizens of Avadnu

A monster manual for version 3.5 of the d20 System


Authors: Chris Bennett, Alex Freed, Bob Gallagher, Mike Mumich, Jeffrey Visgaitis
Cover Art: Jason Rosenstock

Interior Art: Bob Gallagher, Keith Hyduke, Mike Mumich, Tony Parker, Scott Purdy, Jason Rosenstock, Vebjørn Strømmen, Jeffrey Visgaitis

ISBN: 0-9725775-0-5

Product Code: INC1000

Format: Full color 224-page hardback

Price: $10.00


Woe to those who open this tome...


Ennie Nominated in 2004 for Best Monster Supplement with 10 monsters excerpted for Monte Cook Presents: The Year's Best d20 Denizens of Avadnu is our premier product.


With over 125 exotic creatures and dozens of new skills, feats, weapons, and magic items, Denizens of Avadnu will add variety to fantasy campaigns for years to come. Illustrated with lavish full-color artwork, each entry is designed for easy integration into any d20 System game, supplemented with adventure ideas and separate entries to provide depth into Avadnu’s unique history and ecology. Compatible with version 3.5 of the D20 System.


Here is what the reviewers are saying about The Complete Book of Denizens.


"A–. All too often, monster supplements are primarily comprised of nothing more than existing variations of other creatures. That is far from the case here. Most creatures are almost entirely alien in nature compared to what one normally sees. The decision to print in full color with this book is also a solid hit. It really adds a missing element to the book when combined with the strong artistic qualities."
–Steve Creech, d20 Magazine Rack


"5 out of 5. These 'Denizens of Avadnu' are not your run-of-the-mill monsters!"
–John Cooper, EN World


"4 out of 5. The creature aren’t just variations of other creatures. Sure, there are a few anthropomorphic creatures, and a few Egyptian looking fellows, and so forth, but on the whole, the creatures are new and I give big points for creativity."
–Jeff Goins, Dwarven Tavern


"5 out of 5. It is one of the most impressive first products I’ve seen. Heck, its one of the most impressive products on the market."
–Crothian, EN World


"4.5 out of 5. Primarily intended for Inner Circles Violet Dawn setting, the creatures of Denizens are nonetheless suitable for almost any dark fantasy campaign. This is a striking, full-color book, expertly laid out and designed and packed with artwork."
–Butch Curry, Gaming Report


"5 out of 5. Denizens of Avadnu is a nicely laid out, full-color hardcover with stunning art, and airtight mechanics."
–Teflon Billy, EN World


"4 out of 5. Having a volume such as this one with so many well-conceived creatures is a rarity. Most have a tendency to create truly over the top or silly variations of mythical creatures. I see true originality here."
–Lars Kåre M. Sukka, RPG United


Denizens of Avadnu is unlike any d20 monster book out on the market, inside it's covers you will find many strange and unique denizens. If you're a DM and your players know all the monsters and have become hard to impress, Denizens of Avadnu could be your solution."
–Bradford Ferguson, Silven Crossroads


"5 out of 5. Superb. The full color art is top notch."
–Joe G. Kushner, EN World


"Denizens of Avadnu is simply gorgeous inside."
–Mortality Radio


"Denizens of Avadnu is a competent d20 monster manual that shows a gratifying regard for needle-sharp teeth. Call me a sentimental old fool, but I like monster manuals, and I remain respectful of needle-sharp teeth."
–Kenneth Hite


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